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Hello, good to see you! Surely you have an urgent question, for example about the delivery time of your order or another topic. Our support crew has answered the latest questions from all customers on this page - including specific help tips. If your question is not answered on this page, feel free to contact our customer service.

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  • I have recently paid, but the order is not delivered yet?

    There are many possible reasons why the order was not delivered:
    • The payment has not yet been received (for example for bank transfers)
      A transfer within Germany requires 1 - 3 days, depending on the bank. International transfers require between 3 - 5 days (Europe), ie. possibly the payment has not yet arrived on our account. Please also note that banks do not book on weekends and public holidays.
      Occasionally it comes to number rotators! Your transfer order went out, but did not arrive at our place. Please check the correct entry of account number and bank code, as well as the account holder. Misdirected transfers usually come back after about a week. For misdirected transfers we have no possibility of a review by our bank.

    • Payment is still ongoing (for PayPal payments - status: "open")
      In rare cases it can also lead to delays in PayPal itself. The payment then has the status "open" ("pending") even though the money has already been debited from your account.
      It may then take a few days for the status to change to "complete". Only then is the payment actually booked for us and the delivery can be made! If the status "open" does not change, please ask your PayPal customer service, we have no influence. When making these inquiries, please always quote the PayPal transaction ID of your payment. This helps PayPal Customer Service find your payment faster and help you better.

    • The payment has been received, you are still within the specified delivery times
      We always deliver only from receipt of payment, at the times and conditions that are mentioned in the item description. If the period has been exceeded, please contact us by email:  service@gamesdeal.com

    • The payment has been received, but we still lack data about your order or data is faulty
      Occasionally an information is missing, which should be indicated on the transfer, with PayPal or by email.
      In all cases where data is missing or incorrect, we usually ask by email! However, it sometimes happens that our demand mails end up in your spam filter or are no longer accepted because the mailbox is full.
      Please help with and contact us if you think you have to wait too long, simply by email (service@gamesdeal.com).
  • What should I specify in the purpose of the transfer?

    To facilitate a smooth settlement, you should provide the following information in the purpose of the transfer:
    • Please, in any case, specify the order number! Alternatively, you can also enter the e-mail address that you provided when ordering from us.

    • Without information that helps us to match your payment to an order, there may be delays in processing and delivery.
  • What should I specify in PayPal payments in the field: "Note to the seller"?

    In order to facilitate a smooth transaction, you should enter the following information in the field "Note to the seller":
    • Please, in any case, specify the order number! Alternatively, you can also enter the e-mail address that you provided when ordering from us. This does not necessarily have to match the email address of your PayPal account.

    • Without information that helps us to match your payment to an order, there may be delays in the processing and delivery of your order.
  • I would like to contact you by mail. To which email address should I send my mail and what information should I provide?

    Please send all your inquiries to: service@gamesdeal.com. Please always quote the order number for all your emails. As an alternative, you can of course also enter the e-mail address you provided when placing your order with us. Without the information to which order you refer, we can answer difficult questions or not at all.
  • You ask for personal information such as my phone number. How secure is my data and why should I give a phone number?

    Of course, we are aware that you are legitimately concerned about your private information. Gamesdeal guarantees that your data is safe with us and will not be shared. Our customer data is protected against unauthorized access and will not be sold to third parties for advertising purposes. We ask for your telephone number for various reasons. Direct, telephone contact allows us to contact you faster in case of possible problems or questions on our part and to find a solution faster.

    Under certain circumstances, your order may be subject to a security check. As part of this review, we may contact you by phone to confirm your order. Our experiences with this method have been consistently positive and serve the safety of all involved. We apologize for the resulting delays at this point.