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Guarantee & Verification

Q: I was asked to offer my personal information such as telephone number. How can I protect the safety of my information? Why should I input my telephone number?

A: We completely understand your concern about the privacy. To protect the safety for your information, any unauthorized visitor will not be permitted. Besides, the data about our customers are strictly protected and will never be sold to the third party.


The reason for the need of your telephone number:

With the telephone number which you give us, we can directly contact you and any possible problem can be solved immediately.

What is more, we will check the safety of the transaction. During the check, we will contact you to confirm the order. According to our experience, this is a great way to protect the safety of all the relevant information. If there is any delay, we say sorry for that.

We will never call you for the purpose of selling you anything. The only purpose of calling you is to offer better services and ensure the safety of transaction information.